Details Unknown – Penguin Plays Rough

August 19, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Over the course of five months, ten writers, comedians, playwrights and other makers of things-with-words will build a narrative responding to this photo chosen from the Police Forensic Archive.

Details Unknow: female murder victim on bed. Circa 1940

Bedroom with female murder victim on bed. Location and details unknown; presumably Sydney, ca 1942.

Why is there an American flag above the mantelpiece and who left the magazine there and what happened and where is this even going? At the moment, your guess is as good as ours. But – gently, gently – we will build us here a story, one step at a time.

Step One: September 20, 7pm

On September 20, comedian Nick Sun, crime writer PM Newton, Magazine-maker Sam Cooney, and fiction writer Laura Jean McKay will tell us about the last time they met the woman in this photograph. They might have questions for you, you might be asked to identify suspects, or otherwise help us move this story along in time for…

Step Two: November 22, 7pm

when playwright Hilary Bell, performance-maker Nat Randall,  non-fiction writer Elmo Keep, and fiction writers Felicity Castagna and Jack Vening will fill in a few more blanks, and take our story to places only their imaginations can go. Finally,

Step Three: January 17, 6pm

will see performance collective Unhappen fill the rooms of the Justice and Police Museum with these various bits and pieces of narrative so you can join the dots, and work out – for yourself – what might have happened to this woman.

We may not yet know how we’ll get to the end, but we do know we’ll be loosened every step of the way with Young Henry’s beer. In this uncertain world, you can always hold on to that.


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