Details Unknown: The Grand Finale

January 10, 2014 at 10:29 am

Starting with a single photograph titled “Details Unknown”  Penguin Plays Rough have brought together a collection of writers, illustrators and videographers who have woven possible narratives surrounding the mystery woman in this image from the Police Forensic Archive at the Justice and Police Museum.

On January 17 what began as a series of live readings will be transformed by performance collective Unhappen to create an immersive experience where you, the audience, collect clues and uncover ‘the truth’.

As visitors journey through the exhibition City of Shadows and wander corridors, courts and cells of Justice and Police Museum, they will experience the twists and turns of this unsolved case. Characters will emerge from shadows to tell their stories and let the audience decide their guilt or innocence. On this evening of crime and fiction even the audience might be culprits or blameless bystanders.

Every step of the way imaginations will be assisted by Young Henry’s beer and Royal Albert Dumplings.

For more information and tickets head to Sydney Living Museums.